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Behind Dietlicious

Our Chefs

Expert Consultant

Customer Service, Administration + Marketing

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best service. Melissa, our Customer Service Manager, is one of the friendly voices of Dietlicious and Gourmet Dinner Service. Brooke looks after the marketing and public relations, spreading the good word. While Martina looks after all things digital and social media. Please call Melissa if you have any questions, or Brooke if you are interested in writing about or reviewing our food.

Nutritional Know How

We are endorsed by some of Australia’s best known nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts including Dr Joanna McMillan, Catherine Saxelby and Renee Leonard-Stainton. Please see a nutritionist if you need personalised dietary advice.

Our Drivers

We have 6 vans on the roads in 3 cities delivering food 5/6 days per week. Some of you will be familiar with your local drivers. In Sydney Nick + Greg are the local drivers zipping around the worst traffic jams. In Melbourne Mohammed + Bobby agree the streets are better laid out but drivers don't give way and in Brisbane, Brent + Andrew almost have the roads to themselves!

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