Value 10 Complete Meal Box

Value 10 Complete Meal Box

Grab the Value 10 pack and you’ll get our top ten complete meals for singles or make that five dinners for two. The choice is yours, it’s easy and guaranteed to please.  Stock your freezer and you’ll never be hungry again – dinner can be ready in minutes!

- Lemon chicken with cream sauce + roasted potatoes

- Moroccan chicken w roast sweet potato + sauted capsicum

- Kashmiri lamb curry + basmati rice

- Wild barramundi w tomato passata + capers with freekah

- Cinnamon scented lamb with spicy eggplant

- Beef + ricotta meatballs w spinach risoni

- Lamb tagine w apricots + quinoa

- Mexican jumping beans w couscous

- Arabian beef w roast sweet potato + carrots 

- Slow cooked beef with vegetabales + lentils


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