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The Entertainer's BBQ Christmas Hamper - Serves 6

The Entertainer's BBQ Christmas Hamper - Serves 6

This BBQ hamper fits the bill if you're looking for a fuss free barbeque feast for Christmas Day or Boxing Day. The prawns just need peeling and are ready to serve. Give someone the task to fire up the barbie and cook the meats, while you toss the salad + heat some bread. Easy peasy.

Serves 6-8 guests

Hamper contents are as per below. If you would like to swap products within these hampers, please order each of the items singularly via the Christmas menu page


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Meal Plan

BBQ Lover's Christmas Hamper271g Protein  110g Carbs  212g Fat

Trio of Dips w Flat Bread
  • 202 Calories
  • 4g Protein
  • 15g Carbs
  • 14g Fat
Greek lamb souvlaki fillets - RAW -Serves 2
  • 703 cal (2 serves)
  • 82g Protein
  • 2g Carbs
  • 41g Fat
Satay chicken skewers w peanut sauce - RAW - serves 2
  • 1118 cal for 2 serves
  • 93g Protein
  • 15g Carbs
  • 84g Fat
Tandoori chicken tenderloin skewers - RAW - serves 2
  • 603 cal (2 serves)
  • 80g Protein
  • 4g Carbs
  • 29g Fat
Moroccan Couscous Salad - Serves 4-6
  • 359 Calories
  • 8g Protein
  • 42g Carbs
  • 17g Fat
Salted caramel tarts - 4 pack
  • 240 Calories
  • 2g Protein
  • 19g Carbs
  • 17g Fat
Lemon tarts - 4 pack
  • 149 Calories
  • 2g Protein
  • 13g Carbs
  • 10g Fat


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