Author: Ronia Bourke

  1. Weight loss goals: Set yourself up for success

    Weight loss goals: Set yourself up for success

    Daniella Calci, owner and franchisee of Vision Pt Balgowlah talks to us about goal setting and how it's an integral part of achieving positive results. Vision’s core focus is based on improving weight loss, strength and fitness by applying these 3 simple but important fundamentals:  

    1. Be realistic - Understand your body type and any limitations when setting weight loss goals.

    2. Be practical - Set achievable nutritional and fitness goals. If the client can only exercise 3 days per week that’s OK, we set the goals to suit them.

    3. Be supportive - Daniella has worked with 100s of clients and the one thing everyone needs is encouragement and support. This is the best thing about one-on-one Personal Training, it’s much more personal and therefore has greater benefits.


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