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The New Fast 800 Calorie Diet from Michael Mosley

The New Fast 800 Calorie Diet from Michael Mosley

Health guru, Dr Michael Mosley, who brought us the 5:2 diet is back in the headlines thanks to his new rapid weight loss diet and accompanying book, The Fast 800: How to combine rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting for long-term health.  If you have a lot of weight to lose or are keen for a quicker approach, this method may be for you so read on for all the details.

The original 5:2 diet

Just six years ago Dr Mosley published his 5:2 diet, where he recommended cutting food intake to 500-600 calories on two days a week and eating healthily on every other day.  This diet shot to popularity thanks to its ease of adoption (watch the clock, not the calories) and the power of intermittent fasting for switching our bodies into fat-burning mode.

If you’re not familiar with intermittent fasting, it’s a pattern of eating whereby you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.  Most of us already fast every night (while we sleep) but with intermittent fasting you may extend the fast by missing breakfast or dinner, or just eating during a specific time window during the day.  Intermittent fasting has been shown to improve a number of cardiovascular and metabolic health markers such as body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.

The new Blood Sugar Diet, Fast 800 Calorie Diet

Now, Mosley is back with the latest science and his new, improved Blood Sugar Diet (BSD) Fast 800 offering for rapid weight loss and better blood sugar.  It’s perfect for type 2 diabetics - in fact, his own diagnosis several years ago is what spurred him to research and invent his original 5:2 diet, which completely reversed his type 2 diabetes.

Based on recent scientific studies, Mosley advocates that 800 calories is the new magic number for dieting success.  He says this calorie level will trigger a range of desirable metabolic changes to speed up weight loss yet it’s still manageable.  This is why his new BSD Fast 800 diet recommends followers consume a Mediterranean style, 800 calorie diet every day for stage 1.  This calorie restriction is ketogenic in nature, and ensures dieters burn fat yet retain muscle mass.  Stage 1 is recommended for an initial two week period or longer (up to 8 weeks) for those who want more significant results.

In stage 2 of the diet, followers switch over to his new version of the 5:2 which is more flexible and easier to stick to.  Instead of limiting yourself to just 500-600 calories on fast days, you can now afford to eat 800 calories on those two days a week.  Skip breakfast or dinner twice a week and keep your eating ‘time restricted’ and you’ll still get all the benefits of intermittent fasting plus you can still lose weight too.

Stage 3 is about maintenance and Mosley advocates a Mediterranean diet with periods of intermittent fasting.

Keen to try the Fast 800 Calorie Diet? Dietlicious can help!

Here at Dietlicious we have created a new Fast 800 Calorie Diet Plan which is the easy way to get you through stage 1 of Mosley’s regime.  Providing just 800 calories per day over a 7 day plan, participants can take up Week 1 and Week 2 for a variety of healthy meals that are high in nutrients and fibre for that first fortnight.  If you’re looking to lose a large amount of weight, you can continue on stage 1 for rapid weight loss for up to 8 weeks.

When you’re done with stage 1 and want to move onto stage 2, jump onto our 5:2 diet page and select the right package for you.  We offer a range of options covering 5 days, 7 days or just the 2 fasting days.  Go with Mosley’s new 800 calorie fasting days or his original 5:2 diet’s 500 calorie fast days.  For stage 3, go with one of our Meal Plans, Build Your Own Plan or just select from our Individual Meals.  What’s great about this way of eating is that it’s flexible, depending on your goals and how intensely you want to follow it. 

For more information on exercising on The Fast 800 Diet read more here.


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