Family Favourites - 5 meals + 2 desserts

Family Favourites - 5 meals + 2 desserts

Our family food hamper is the perfect time-saving gift for busy families. Meals are healthy, tasty and most importantly easy for families to enjoy at the end of a busy day.

These crowd-pleasers from our menu include 5 hearty meals (a generous serve for 4-6 people) as well as 2 popular desserts.

Store all the meals in your freezer for use as and when needed. Meals just need heating and serving, so the turnaround is quick and you’ll never be caught out with a hungry tribe again!

- Pasta al Forno

- Family San Choy Bau w Rice

- Salmon + Potato Cakes

- Family Mac, Cheese + Bacon

- Family Greek Meatballs

- Lemon Tarts w sweet pastry + rich curd

- Salted Caramel Tarts w Chocolate

*To complete the meals just add rice, vegetables or salad.


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