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Good News for Five Point Four Customers

Just heard about the closure of Five Point Four and wondered what you’re going to do now that they can’t supply you anymore? Dietlicious can help!

In fact, we’ve been making gourmet, calorie controlled, 100% healthy frozen meals for our customers for 9 years (and our sister company has been in business for 25 years).

As one of the largest healthy ready-made meal companies in the marketplace, we service Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra + surrounding areas.

Key similarities: Five Point Four vs Dietlicious

5.4 Dietlicious
Meals & meal plans for weight loss (men & women) X X
Low carb & good carb meals X X
Low sugar X X
Low saturated fat X X
Active lifestyle & muscle options (high protein) X X
Vegan & gluten free options X X
100% real wholefood, premium ingredients only X X
Home delivered X X
Snap frozen to lock in nutrients X X
Zero food waste from our kitchens X X

Even more reasons to choose Dietlicious:

- We only use 100% real, wholefood ingredients.

- All our meals are cooked by chefs who never use any additives or preservatives, ever.

- 84% of our customers have told us they prefer Dietlicious meals for the great taste and flavour.

- We’re flexible, so order what you like when you like. You’re not locked into a meal plan or subscription.

Try Dietlicous today! Here’s a special offer for Five Point Four customers:

Get $30 off $100 order of food. Use CODE: FB915

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