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We know how hectic life can be with teenagers. With a constantly busy schedule, always ticking off that endless list of things to do, leaves little time for you. Some days finding time to prepare plan, prepare and cook healthy meals for ourselves and the family can feel like an unobtainable goal.

So when do you do something to look after yourself?

Don’t sacrifice your own health and happiness when you could have healthy, delicious meal options delivered to your door. Dietlicious is so easy and it’s good for you. Always on standby in the freezer, they are perfect for when you are on the run (and don’t want to be tempted to make an unhealthy choices). With a huge variety of tastes and flavours, all types of meal plans catering for all dietary needs, you will always eat well and know you are staying on track to feel healthy and look fabulous!

Dietlicious meals are cooked from scratch by real chefs in a real kitchen, using top quality local, only real Australian ingredients.  Every meal is nutritional balanced with absolutely nothing nasty added (no preservatives or additives). Made fresh then frozen its locked in all the flavour and nutrients, lasting up to 3months in the freezer for added convenience.

And if the kids are coming home hungry after school, Dietlicious has plenty of meals they will actually enjoy instead of reaching for unhealthy snack foods. All they need to do is to open the freezer and heat!  

The end result is Dietlicious are delicious, restaurant quality meals, delivered to your door. 

We all need a convenient option at times and with Dietlicious you never have to compromise your health!

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Our sister company Gourmet Dinner Service has great family meals or single serve meals for when you need a no-fuss dinner option that has quality ingredients for an active family. Order at and GET $40 OFF your order now. Use the same CODE: SCHOOL

Eat well and enjoy!

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