Joanna McMillan

Dr Joanna McMillan

Get Lean

 Forget the fad diets and extreme weight loss programs. Get Lean is the lifestyle change solution for a healthier, happier body. Brought to you by Dr Joanna McMillan, a PhD qualified nutrition scientist, dietitian and former fitness leader, Get Lean is the research-based, personalised approach to helping you get lean and stay lean for life.

 By focusing on the 6 pillars of Get Lean – food, drink, exercise, activity, stress and sleep - built on a foundation of joy, you will learn that all of these factors affect each other and impact on your weight control.

 Not just for those who want to lose weight, the program also caters for those who want to stay lean and those who want to gain healthy weight. The Dr Joanna Plate gives you a template for creating healthy meals no matter whether you are cooking at home or ordering when out, your personalised Daily Plate guides you with how much to eat, while the Get Lean App is a unique menu planning tool.

 This is not a diet but a joyful and delicious way of eating, combined with an active lifestyle. Get Lean is your inspiration, motivation, education and support to get more from and give more to life. 

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