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Italian lamb + fetta salad
  • 381 Calories
  • 29g Protein
  • 7g Carbs
  • 25g Fat

Italian lamb + fetta salad


Our tender-cooked premium lamb fillets are the hero of this salad. Sliced and served with healthful red and white cabbage along with fresh herbs, carrots, red onion and cucumber. All brought together with a balsamic dressing and topped with creamy fetta cheese and toasted almonds. This salad will surely satisfy with 29g of protein, plus it's low in carbs too.


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Lamb, fillet (33%), cabbage (23%), spinach, carrots, celery, fetta cheese, almond, shallot, garlic, mint, coriander, EV olive oil, balsamic, vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper CONTAINS: DAIRY, TREE NUTS


Warm lamb in microwave if desired. Toss all ingredients together

Nutritional Information

Meal Type Meat
Dietary Requirements Gluten Free, Capsicum Free
Weight (g) 380g
Serves 1
Energy 381 cal
Protein 29g
Fat 25g
Saturated fats 5g
Carbs 7g
Sugar 5g
Sodium 647 mg
Dietary Fibre 5g