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Superfast Diet 2 Day Method

The 2-Day Method

using the intermittent fasting 2-Day Method, participants restrict their food consumption to 500-600 calories per day, on 2 days a week and eat normally the other 5 days. Suggested menus are below - just choose the approach that suits your lifestyle best!

The 5-Day Plan provides all your meals from Monday through to Friday, including your two fasting days, where you skip breakfast and eat less than 600 calories. The other three days, you'll get a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. On weekends, you're free to eat as you like. This plan has two menu options, which means plenty of variety to alternate each week if you're planning on staying with it long term.

The Fasting Days Only option provides food for just your fasting days, for a four week period. So that's 8 days worth of food, where you skip breakfast and eat a healthy lunch and dinner for less than 600 calories in total. Keep weeks 2-4 in the freezer until you need it.


Once you've decided which menu you like, or even if you want to use one as a template and make your own amendments, please print and then head to our Build Your Own Plan page which allows you to create your own plan from scratch with meals that you choose. This feature automatically adds up all the macros for you, so you can be sure not to exceed your calorie targets. It will also tally the costs at the same time so you can stick to your budget.

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