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The Healthy Man's Lunch Box

The Healthy Man's Lunch Box

Chicken, Meat

Don’t let the food court, a pub meal or the office vending machine derail your health plans! This 5-pack of healthy, hunger-busting meals paired with a daily protein snack is perfect for taking to work. Designed for men, these meals are hearty, fulfilling, nutritionally balanced with high protein to boot. You’ll have enough energy to sail through the working day or hit the gym!

Perfect for keeping your calories in check so you can lose weight, maintain weight or build muscle. You’re in control of your outcome as you manage your own healthy breakfasts and dinners, or choose from our Individual Meals menu. Oh and did we mention how tasty these lunches are? You’ll be the envy of the whole office! Just heat, eat and enjoy.


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Meal Plan

LUNCH219g Protein  76g Carbs  80g Fat

Beef bourguignon
  • 403 Calories
  • 47g Protein
  • 17g Carbs
  • 16g Fat
Cinnamon scented lamb w spicy eggplant
  • 347 Calories
  • 41g Protein
  • 14g Carbs
  • 13g Fat
Lamb tagine w apricots + quinoa pilaf
  • 426 Calories
  • 46g Protein
  • 20g Carbs
  • 16g Fat
Chicken pancetta + butter bean cassoulet
  • 421 cal
  • 49g Protein
  • 13g Carbs
  • 18g Fat
Chicken w preserved lemon + tumeric zucchini
  • 354 Calories
  • 36g Protein
  • 12g Carbs
  • 17g Fat

SNACKS40g Protein  37g Carbs  49g Fat

Fudgelicious protein ball
  • 146 Calories
  • 8g Protein
  • 15g Carbs
  • 5g Fat
Protein nut ball
  • 180 Calories
  • 6g Protein
  • 2g Carbs
  • 16g Fat
Salted caramel ball
  • 119 Calories
  • 5g Protein
  • 7g Carbs
  • 8g Fat
Raw cacao ball
  • 150 Calories
  • 12g Protein
  • 5g Carbs
  • 9g Fat
Hazelnut + almond ball
  • 171 Calories
  • 9g Protein
  • 8g Carbs
  • 11g Fat