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Find your Better Balance every day! 

GET a FREE 5 Pack of Paleo Sesame Ball (Valued at $20), when you order!*Zoe Bingley-Pullin Finding Better BalanceLike Zoe, our food philosophy is also about enjoying freshness, quality and variety. That’s why we also love to cook with 100% fresh ingredients to provide optimal health and nutritional balance.

When we feel in balance, we function at our best. That is what we want for you every day!

So, with International Women’s Day theme this year, ‘Balance for Better’, we asked Zoe to join us in continuing the celebration with an offer of FREE 5 Pack of Paleo Sesame Balls (Valued at $20)* when you order with us.

Our customers tell us every day how grateful they feel for the improvements they enjoy in their lives, which is why we want to also support you find your own version of ‘balance for better’ in your life.

With over 100 chef prepared meals to choose from, plus a special ‘Choose your own meal’ option , plus a huge variety of Calorie Controlled Meal Plans, Lunch and Dinner packs and Food Cleanses all approved by Zoe, for a tasty, nutritious and balanced lifestyle suitable for both men and women.

We are sure you are loving your FILWF meal plan and recipes with Zoe. But, if you want some added support for those busier days we are here to help you stay on track for healthy weightloss, weight management or for the convenience and time savings.  

So, click through and browse our range and if you Place an order we want to treat you with a SPECIAL OFFER of FREE 5 Pack of Paleo Sesame Balls (Valued at $20)*.

All our snacks are made with only 100% raw, natural real ingredients and are also 100% vegan and taste amazing!

The Paleo Sesame Ball has a moreish velvety smooth caramel texture and a nutty toffee flavour with the light crunch from the sesames.

With only 194 Calories per, 13g of Fat and 9g of Protein and 9.8g of Carbs it leaves you satisfied, to keep you feeling balanced longer! Paleo Sesame Ball Snack Pack

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If you want to call and ask us anything, just call us on 1300 131 070 or email customer service at [email protected]    


Go to, create your account, select your items to place your order, proceed to your cart and 'go to checkout'. To receive your discount, enter CODE (e.g. PALEOPACK) or call 1300 131 070 (8am – 5pm) to speak to our Customer Service.


- CODE PALEOPACK: Single use code.
- Minimum spend $100.00 per order for code to apply.
- Minimum spend excludes delivery.
- Subject to available delivery areas across NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT (go to our delivery section to check your post code).
- One account per customer.
- One discount code per order.
- Accounts are automatically subscribed to the weekly newsletter, with other weekly offers and discounts available.
- You may opt to use CODE: ZOE30 to GET $30 OFF (same minimum spend applies) for your first order, or any of the weekly offer codes instead
- CODE PALEOPACK expires at 12.00pm on 30 April 2019.