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Weight loss goals: Set yourself up for success

Weight loss goals: Set yourself up for success

Daniella Calci, owner and franchisee of Vision Pt Balgowlah talks to us about goal setting and how it's an integral part of achieving positive results. Vision’s core focus is based on improving weight loss, strength and fitness by applying these 3 simple but important fundamentals:  

1. Be realistic - Understand your body type and any limitations when setting weight loss goals.

2. Be practical - Set achievable nutritional and fitness goals. If the client can only exercise 3 days per week that’s OK, we set the goals to suit them.

3. Be supportive - Daniella has worked with 100s of clients and the one thing everyone needs is encouragement and support. This is the best thing about one-on-one Personal Training, it’s much more personal and therefore has greater benefits.

The Inside Scoop on Setting Successful Goals: Q&A with a Vision PT

1. Hi Daniella, it’s great to chat with you. As 2019 is upon us, it’s that time of the year when new clients come knocking ready and willing to lose weight and get fit. We know goal setting is the first step for every new client, what are the key factors you must have for a ‘goal setting sessions’?

Every client who comes to us has a story and all are unique. We like to understand and listen to them as they are here to make changes. This is the first element of our process, the assessment. We find out everything about their current situation and what we need to do to help them. From that we then set up a 9 week (short term), mid-term and long term goals that they have in mind for themselves. We are here to guide and encourage, it’s up to the client to determine their end goals. We are here to make sure they are realistic and within achievable time frames. From that we then set up a tailored program including fitness goals, personal training plus a specific diet plan with specific focus on macros to ensure they have everything to meet their goals and time frames.


2. While weight loss and improved fitness is such a positive goal, some will inevitably succeed and some will fail. What is the advice you give your clients who worry they won’t achieve their goals?

We never allow anyone to set unrealistic goals, that’s the first tip to successful goal setting! That’s also why we are here, to guide people to set realistic goals, then back them up with all the tools, information, support and training to succeed. Our comprehensive eating and training program enables us to tailor every program for each individual client. We set specific daily macronutrient requirements based on their goals, body composition, body type and lifestyle. This is the key to succeeding. We also have regular touch points that fall at every 9 weeks, where we assess their progress and check-in that they are on track. If at any time it looks like we need to review and alter goals, we do. After all, it’s not about the goal – it’s about setting and reaching realistic goals that defines success!

3. When discussing nutrition and weight loss goals, what are 3 things you are always telling your clients to keep them on track to succeeding with their weight loss goals?

1. If you have a ‘bad food’ day (and fall off the nutrition wagon), that it’s totally OK - don’t punish yourself, just get back on track the next day.
2. Remember the 80/20 rule: Successful weight loss is 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise. Get the nutrition right and consistent and you will achieve your goals!
3. It's all about being consistent. Allow yourself 1 day a week to relax on the training and even the nutrition. You don’t have to be regimented and strict 24/7 – reaching your weight loss goals takes time and it's all about making it a part of a healthy lifestyle and making good choices long term and you will inevitably achieve your goals.


4. What is Vision PT Balgowlah’s philosophy on nutrition? Does this impact how macro food goals are set for your clients?

We make it simple by breaking it down to the 3 key macro elements of protein, fat and carbs. Everyone gets their own macro food breakdown to suit their goal objectives. Once our client understands the importance nutrition plays and what each meal is made up of they can better ensure they will achieve healthy long term weight loss and reach their goals. That’s why some of our clients have loved using Dietlicious meals as every meal is listed in our VVT APP where all the nutrition is logged each week. It makes it so simple to find a meal and add it to their meal list for the day.

5. Understanding Vision PT Balgowlah create specific macro food goals for every client, what is it about Dietlicious that you like in supporting your busy clients who don’t have time to prep their meals every day?

I love that Dietlicious is made from quality, fresh produce and only 100% real wholefood ingredients. Cooked by chefs and every meal is properly balanced protein, fats and carbs that fit so well with our nutrition philosophy as well as being easy to click on and add their meal in our APP. It’s the perfect fit for what we do and what our clients want and need.

6. What, if any nutrition or diet goals have you set for 2019?

I have set a strict nutritional plan for the year, which works really well for me. I’d say I’m a lot like my clients, mostly consistent with the odd day here and there where I might slip up and let myself off. My goal for 2019 is to stay on course with the health and fitness goals I have achieved.