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Why Dietlicious?

Australian Owned

Dietlicious is 100% Australian owned + operated. We got our start in Janel’s home kitchen with a few dollars and a lot of hard work. Since then, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s largest ready-made meal companies, with commercial kitchens in three states and employing a multicultural, passionate team.

Profits stay in Australia Since we started in 2010, we’ve cooked millions of meals and helped countless happy customers save time, feel great, achieve their ideal weight and healthy eating goals. Unlike many of the big players in the industry, we’re proud that all our profits stay right here on Australian soil.



Environmentally Committed

100% sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. In 2020, we were the first prepared meals company to make the switch to environmentally-friendly packaging options. Our meal trays are made from plant sources, and are biodegradable and compostable. The lids are recyclable. This year alone, we will stop using 2 million+ plastic containers and lids, and 50,000+ single use plastic bags.

Polystyrene delivery boxes, re-used 12 times before recycled. Instead of ending up in landfill, our polystyrene delivery boxes are re-used an average of 12 times before we recycle them back to the manufacturer. Our delivery drivers will happily collect your used boxes when they drop off your next order. In the areas where we use courier partners who are unable to collect your poly box, we ask customers to re-use or check for your nearest EPSA Recycle Centre.

Zero food waste. Because we plan our production, purchase our ingredients according to scheduled quantities and cook to set recipes, our kitchens create near zero food waste.

Ingredient Integrity

Taste + quality never compromised. Our premium ingredients are delivered to our kitchens fresh every day from markets, farms and trusted local suppliers. Fruit and vegetables are chosen for seasonal perfection; our seafood is top quality, including sashimi grade Tasmanian salmon; and all meat and chicken is hormone-free.

Nutritionally balanced. With a little culinary magic, our creative chefs transform these fresh, healthy, wholefood ingredients into mouth-watering meals. With top marks for nutritional content, our meals are as comforting as home-cooking, only better! Fresh-cooked daily and then snap frozen to lock in vital nutrients, you’ll appreciate that the quality and taste of each meal is optimally maintained.

No fake foods or additives. We never use any preservatives, additives, E numbers or genetically modified anything here. Your health and wellbeing is our primary concern and that’s why what we leave out is just as important as what we put in!

Flavour Diversity

Passionate + talented chefs. Our recipe for success starts with our passion for food and our accomplished team in the kitchen. Drawn from almost every continent on Earth, our crew of professional chefs bring their 5 star talents, techniques and authentic recipes to our menu for you to enjoy.

Doesn’t taste like diet food. Founded on the philosophy that diet food needn’t be bland, our menu has been carefully crafted to ensure nutritional balance, sensible portion sizes and calorie control – without forgetting flavour. We’ve proven that it’s not only possible to eat truly delicious food, have your hungry satisfied and still lose weight, but it can be easy!

The secret is our herbs and spices. We use plenty of real herbs and aromatic spices, alongside a wide range of cooking methods designed to maximise the taste of our fresh ingredients and delight your tastebuds. You’ll enjoy the true flavours in our Indian and South East Asian curries, our Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and classic European dishes. In fact, you won’t find a better tasting frozen meal anywhere!