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1200 Calories

The 1200 calorie meal plan is our most popular plan for weight loss. You receive breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Our meals are healthy, portion-controlled and nutritionally balanced, containing everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t. You won’t feel hungry and that makes sticking to the plan that much easier. You’ll start to see results in no time.

"The food is so tasty and delicious it doesn’t feel like I am on a diet!"

Don’t like some of the meals in the set plan?

We allow you to swap out up to 3 meals in any one plan. Please reply to your confirmation email with the three meals you want swapped out and the three meals you would like instead and our customer service team will arrange. If you are ordering the day of your delivery it's best to give us a call to confirm the swaps. We suggest you also look at the Build Your Own Plan which allow you to customise and create your own plan from scratch.

Disclaimer: All products are made in a facility that handles wheat, gluten, soy, nuts, fish, eggs and dairy and may contain traces of these.