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Dietlicious Ethos

About Us: History + People

Janel Janel

Janel Horton - Mastermind + Masterchef Behind Dietlicious

Janel started cooking when her Dad built her an oven with red painted stove rings when she was 4 years old. Then, as a teenager, she hijacked her mother’s kitchen and started making homemade Rum Baba’s (classic French dessert cake) which she sold to Sydney’s leading restaurants.

When she moved into the cut throat world of finance her diet was a complete disaster, with no time to plan, shop or cook. Ending up at home late with what she called the invisible meal, an empty plate, had to stop.

So, in 1994 Janel traded the suit and stilettos for an apron and started Gourmet Dinner Service. Since then she’s cooked more than one million meals, been included in Business Review Weekly’s annual list of best female entrepreneurs and successfully launched Dietlicious, her gourmet diet range which is now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Sebastien Sebastien

Sebastien Houillon

Our recipe for success starts in the kitchen. Leading our team is French Executive Chef, Sebastien Houillon, who comes from a Michelin restaurant background.

Lured to Australia by the wealth of fresh produce and the chance to surf every day, Sebastien adds his own special Gallic expertise, imagination and charm to the kitchen.

Sous Chef, Gupreet Singh brings Indian experience, exquisite expertise and secret recipes passed down through the generations. That’s why our curries and eastern meals are so perfectly spiced.

In our kitchen brigade we have chefs from almost every continent, who all bring their 5 star talents, techniques and authentic recipes to our menu for you to enjoy.

Zoe Bingley-Pullin Consulting Nutritionist  Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Zoe Bingley-Pullin - Expert Consulting Nutritionist


Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a passionate foodie, nutritionist and an internationally trained Cordon Bleu chef. After graduating from the Le Cordon Bleu School in London and gaining her Diploma of Nutrition, Zoe started her food and nutrition career working in the South of France. This amazing experience eventually led Zoe to bringing her zest for health and nutrition back to Australia where she is known for her love for food.

Zoe’s food philosophy is all about eating well to enjoy the best lifestyle possible. This means enjoying food, being educated about food and truly understanding how food and good nutrition can increase your overall health, happiness and performance, in all aspects of life.

It is Zoe’s passion for food that is her driving force to continually inspire and help people to embrace the many benefits of food through education. Zoe believes, by simply improving people’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition, this helps to empower people to create and sustain a healthier and more delicious life.

Therefore, Zoe’s message is to have a balanced food and nutrition foundation. Through eating nutrient dense wholefoods, rather than focusing on deprivation and restriction, this will always better serve your health, leave you feeling more satisfied as well as being more excited by food.

As the Dietlicious consulting Nutritionist, Zoe is now sharing her amazing wealth of knowledge of food, nutrition with us, as well as reminding us of the importance of nourishing oneself from the inside out. That’s why we are so excited to welcome Zoe the Dietlicious team, together we combine our knowledge, inspiration and passion for food, health and wellbeing for happier and healthier lives.




Dietlicious was established in 2010 with the objective of creating a gourmet range of healthy, calorie-controlled prepared meals. Utilising only the best quality produce and no additives or preservative, our team of chefs proved that diet food didn’t need to be bland. In just eight years, we’ve grown to be one of the largest healthy ready-made meal companies in the marketplace. We’ve cooked hundreds of thousands of meals and helped countless happy customers save time, feel great, achieve their ideal weight and healthy eating goals. Here’s what we believe in; it’s the secret to our success:

1. Convenience – save yourself the time and energy you’d normally spend on shopping and cooking and let us do it for you. Our service is easy to use, flexible and caters to all types of eating preferences.
2. Taste – our food really is in a class of its own! We provide the most enjoyable and delicious meals, created by our team of accomplished chefs who know how to combine ingredients and create flavour.  You won’t find a better tasting frozen meal anywhere!
3. Health – our nutritionist-endorsed meals are freshly prepared and contain only top quality, natural, wholefood ingredients.  We don’t use any preservatives or additives and we snap-freeze so that all the vital nutrients remain intact.
4. Value – our chef-made meals are number 1 in the industry for quality and worth, containing the best produce and higher protein levels than other providers.
5. Integrity – we care about the food we cook for you and thanks to our friendly drivers, you can rely on it arriving on time and in excellent condition. We are also proud that our kitchens create near zero food waste.

So, with all that said, we invite you to compare our meals with other meal delivery services. There is simply no comparison! Our ingredients, preparation and flavours are better and we stand by that. It’s a question of love, from our kitchen to yours.

Customer Service, Administration + Marketing + Corporate Partnerships

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best service. Susan, our Customer Service Manager, is one of our friendly voices of Dietlicious and Gourmet Dinner Service. Anita is our graphic designer who plans your newsletters and special offers each week while helping with some of Customer Service as well. In our digital area, Nicole is our Digital Strategist and Marketing Manager who looks after everything digital, including our digital campaigns, SEO, website management, social media and reporting. Alongside our National Partnerships and Marketing Manager, who over-sees brand management, media relations and is passionate about developing and building strong corporate and media relationships across employee and members benefits programs. Or, if you want to know more about our tailored Corporate Health and Wellbeing Program, talk to us about the ‘Dietlicious 4 Week Body Reset Program with Zoe Bingley Pullin’ (a 4 Week Health and Wellbeing Program which includes weekly meal plans, recipes, daily emails with fresh content plus 20 support meals and snacks to insert into the program on your busy days across the 4 weeks).

For any interest or enquiries, just call us on 1300 131 070. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Nutritional Know How

We are endorsed by some of Australia’s best known nutrition and healthy lifestyle experts with our in-house Nutritional expert Zoe Bingley-Pullin as well as dieticians and nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan, Catherine Saxelby and Renee Leonard-Stainton. We recommend that you consult a nutritionist/dietician if you need personalised dietary advice before undertaking any of our meal plans or meals.

Our Drivers

We have a fleet of our own vans on the roads across 3 states delivering food 5-6 days per week. Some of you will be familiar with your local drivers. In Sydney Greg, Peter and Dan are the local drivers zipping through daily traffic jams to deliver to you. In Melbourne Mohammed, Sam + Bobby agree the streets are better laid out but drivers don't give way and in Brisbane, Tyler + Andrew almost have the roads to themselves!