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Dietitian Services

Want to improve your health or manage a condition with the help of a dietitian?

Dietlicious has now partnered with the team of experienced dietitians at Elerio, who are dedicated to guiding individuals with health concerns. They provide professional and personalised advice to help you navigate your health journey, steering you away from the confusion and mixed messages often found online. Headed up by senior clinical dietitian, Mike O’Sullivan at Elerio, here’s a range of areas their dietitians can assist you with:

Is there a dietitian near me?

Mike and his team make it easy to meet via Telehealth through the innovative mobile phone or desktop Elerio app, from wherever you are, Australia-wide. So, there’s no more wasting time or stressing about getting to your appointment!

What are the typical outcomes?

You’ll get a personalised nutrition advice plan to help you optimise your health and wellbeing and tackle any specific concerns. This can include tailored meal plans; simple recipes to cook yourself with shopping lists; suggestions for suitable prepared meals from Dietlicious; a guideline for any lifestyle changes, activities, tests and follow up as required.

After your initial consultation, you can schedule follow-up appointments with your dietitian. These reviews are essential to ensure that your health goals remain on track.

What does it cost & can I get a health fund rebate?

An initial consultation with a senior dietitian costs $150* for 40 minutes. Review consultations cost $90 for 20mins.
If you have nutrition or diet as an extra on your insurance, your health fund may provide you with a rebate (of up to 80% of the consult fee), depending on your level of extras cover.

*Take advantage of our special offer of $25 off your initial consult fee, plus a $25 voucher to use with Dietlicious.

$50 off email Mike & the team at Elerio now

Disclaimer: please note that all dietitian near me services are provided by Elerio (not Dietlicious). We do not share your personal information with Elerio. We do not receive a commission or any payment for the referral.