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1500 Calories

The 1500 calorie meal plan will suit more active people. This calorie level is still set below what is typically recommended for weight maintenance, so you should see gradual weight loss if you’re moderately outgoing and greater weight loss if you lead a highly active lifestyle.

On this meal plan you will receive breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the entire week. All meals are packed by the day, so it's easy to grab your day’s food and go.

Endorsed by nutritionists, our tasty meals contain top quality ingredients and high nutrient content to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.

Don’t like some of the meals in the set plan?

We allow you to swap out up to 3 meals in any one plan. Please reply to your confirmation email with the three meals you want to be swapped out and the three meals you would like instead and our customer service team will arrange.

You can place an order up until 7am on the day for delivery the same day, however, if you would like to make any changes to your order we require a 24 hour notice to ensure we can action your request. If you are ordering for a Monday delivery and require swaps we suggest you email your swaps by 4pm Friday.

If you want to swap out more than 3 meals or choose your own meals then we suggest you use the Build Your Own Plan which allows you to customise and create your own plan from scratch.

Disclaimer: All products are made in a facility that handles wheat, gluten, soy, nuts, fish, eggs and dairy and may contain traces of these.