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Tag: gym

  1. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Health Trend - Virtual Training

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Health Trend - Virtual Training

    Ironically, I started writing this article a while back. A series of back-to-back work trips had me suddenly exploring workout videos and apps I could use alone in my hotel room. Whilst it wasn’t the same as stepping foot in the gym, I have become quite the convert. I realised that online training offered me an effective way to maintain my fitness when I couldn’t get to the gym. Other pluses were the versatility to fit into my schedule, it was time-saving, could suit my hotel environment and the lack of available equipment.

  2. The Dad Bod: How to get rid of a beer belly

    The Dad Bod: How to get rid of a beer belly

    Did you look in the mirror this morning and a dad bod looked back? Perhaps you’re wondering how this crept up on you… perhaps you’re not even a dad!

    As for how it happened, it may have involved;

    • Friday night beers with mates turned into Monday through Sunday beers;
    • A few too many burgers with chips, kebabs or pizza;
    • Breaking off a Kit Kat (or three) for afternoon tea;
    • Skipping the gym again in favour of working late or sleeping off that hangover from above-mentioned beers;

    Or simply too busy, can’t be bothered to shop or cook, or can't cook!


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