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  1. Are you suffering from a food intolerance?

    Are you suffering from a food intolerance?

    So what is food intolerance? Food intolerance is defined as a detrimental reaction to a food, beverage, additive or other food compound that produces problematic symptoms.  They’re more common these days than ever before, with some sources estimating that up to 20% of the world’s population suffer from a food intolerance.  Are you one of them?

  2. Cold War - Fresh vs Frozen Food

    fresh vs frozen food

    Did you know that fresh produce begins to deteriorate and lose its nutritional value from the moment it’s harvested?  Take spinach for example – a Science Direct study showed that after just one day in the fridge, 29% of its Vitamin C content was lost and after 7 days the losses had grown to a whopping 94%!

  3. Dr. Joanna: Are Frozen Meals Healthy: Frozen vs Fresh

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on Healthy Frozen Meals

    Does frozen food deserve a bad rap? I think that’s partly because of the rise of budget brand options flooding our super market freezers. There are many unhealthy foods to be found in the frozen food aisle such as ice cream, factory produced party pies and ultra-processed chicken nuggets to name a few, but to label all frozen food as processed or unhealthy is just not true. The truth is that utilising frozen foods in your home freezer can help you and your family achieve a healthier diet.


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