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Tag: vitamins

  1. Pandemic Protection: staying healthy & foods that boost your immune system

    Pandemic Protection: staying healthy & foods that boost your immune system Stopping the spread of Coronavirus and #flatteningthecurve is the number one goal for all Australians right now. You’ll know that even the slightest sniffle is being regarded with the utmost suspicion, and could see you sent packing from work to self-isolate at home. With that in mind, sources of illness and infection should be avoided at all costs and we need to shore up our immune systems to ward off attack. Read more...
  2. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: How to combat stress with good nutrition

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: How to combat stress with good nutrition

    Do your eating habits change when you’re feeling stressed?  Perhaps, like many, you reach for the wrong foods or maybe you eat virtually nothing at all?  A well balanced diet is actually a powerful stress management tool.  Conversely, when we eat poorly the symptoms of stress can be intensified.

    In this article, I’ll outline the differences between healthy and unhealthy stress and what symptoms you should look out for.  I’ll then cover the key nutrients your body needs to best handle stress and give you my top tips for eating well to stay on top of stress.

  3. Live Longer: Dietary Supplements or Food?

    Live Longer: Dietary Supplements or Food?

    In Australia, 47% of women and 34% of men use at least one dietary supplement.  Usage is even greater among older age groups and those with higher education levels.

    By dietary supplement we mean a single vitamin or mineral, a combination multi-vitamin, herbal or traditional products, or a sports nutrition or weight loss product.

    Most users take supplements by personal choice, rarely by doctor’s recommendation.  This is great news for supplement manufacturers!  Globally, the industry raked in over $150 billion last year alone and it’s growing.

    But the big question is - will they help us live longer or healthier lives?

  4. 7 Top Tips for Healthy Nutrition during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

    7 Top Tips for Healthy Nutrition during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

    Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Although I’ve experienced pregnancy just the once, like everyone else, I too encountered the many ups and downs that tend to arise when you’re expecting. During the first trimester I felt quite nauseous, which is common and is linked to increasing levels of hCG and oestrogen. During my second trimester, I was much better and more at ease from a safety perspective and so I finally began to enjoy being pregnant!

    Over the next nine months you are probably going to realise that there’s some things you can control and many things you can’t. Most women I know, myself included, have felt empowered and committed to optimising their pregnancy nutrition, knowing that they were helping to give their unborn child the best start to life.

  5. Cold War - Fresh vs Frozen Food

    fresh vs frozen food

    Did you know that fresh produce begins to deteriorate and lose its nutritional value from the moment it’s harvested?  Take spinach for example – a Science Direct study showed that after just one day in the fridge, 29% of its Vitamin C content was lost and after 7 days the losses had grown to a whopping 94%!

  6. Dr. Joanna: The Benefits of Soup

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on the Benefits of Soup

    In the colder winter months it’s easy to let good nutrition slip as you seek more comforting, hearty meals. Chopping up a whole bunch of vegies to throw together into a salad probably doesn’t appeal and so vegie intake can really take a dive. This is where soup comes to the rescue. A hearty meal in a bowl that warms you up, while when made with the right ingredients, packs in good nutrition. Here are 5 benefits of soup.

  7. Benefits of Broccoli

    Health Benefits of Broccoli

    Benefits of Broccoli

    Over the years we’ve been continually impressed with the versatility of broccoli, so thought we’d share a few interesting facts about this tasty green ….


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