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Keto Friendly Plan

Looking for an easy way to lose weight and burn fat?
Our keto-friendly diet plan may suit you!

We’ve carefully designed the packs so that each day you will receive a low amount of total carbohydrate and a moderate amount of protein.  Our packs* provide an average of less than 22g carbs per day across the 2 meals provided. With these lunch and dinner meal packs, we’ve already done the nutritional thinking and macro measuring for you.


More information about our Keto-Friendly Meal Plan

These packs do not include breakfast and snacks. If adding your own keto breakfast and snacks each day, we recommend being high in fat to balance out your macros.  For more inspiration, see our Keto Friendly Breakfast Ideas blog post.

Additional tips: 

Drink: Lots of water and hebal tea.

Try to avoid:  coffee, caffeinated drinks, cigarettes, soft drinks, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and additives, genetically modified foods, processed foods, fried foods.