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At Least Your Diet is Delicious

Life isn’t about attaining perfection.

Because a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Each day we set ambitious goals for ourselves with the best intentions and an optimistic eye on what we can achieve. But in our time poor world, often reality and our own excuses get the best of us.

With our gourmet range of healthy prepared meals you can look forward to each day knowing that no matter what happens (or doesn’t), at least your diet is delicious. It’s time you made even better lifestyle choices. Enjoy healthy eating, reduced stress and greater convenience every day. 

Healthy Meals Delivered

Loved by health nuts, foodies and the time poor, Dietlicious is your answer to 100% healthy, convenient, nutritious meals delivered to your door. We enjoy supporting you successful and healthy weight-loss, weight management and promoting healthier diet and lifestyle for both men and women.

- Chef prepared by chefs meals, approved and recommended by Nutritionists and Dieticians

- Choose from over 100 tasty meals, 40 plans, 10 cleanses plus a huge range of snacks

- Enjoy total freedom with a ‘build your own plan’ option

- Every meal is made with the best quality fresh produce with 100% wholefood real ingredients

- No preservatives or additives in anything.

- Something to suit every dietary need: vegetarian, vegan as well as gluten free, dairy free, nut free, capsicum free and coriander free options.

- Every meal is cooked by michelin star experienced French Executive Chef, Sebastien Houllion and his team of chefs

- Using the best quality produce, cooked fresh, then snap frozen to lock ng in maximum nutrients and flavour, ready to be delivered to your door.

Any questions – just call us on 1300 131 070 or email customer service at [email protected]


And, if you love a bit of social and see our ad around, head to our Facebook @ Dietlicious and Instagram @ Dietlicious_Aus to like/follow us and post which Mantra you best relate to. Plus you could win just for participating.

If you want to call and ask us anything, just call us on 1300 131 070 or email customer service at [email protected]    

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