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Beef + corn enchiladas - serves 4-6
  • 370 cal (based on 4 serves)
  • 27g Protein
  • 26g Carbs
  • 17g Fat

Beef + corn enchiladas - serves 4-6


Lean ground beef and corn mix with a smoky intensity liberally spiced with paprika and chipotle served in authentic Mexican tortillas topped with tomato salsa and tasty cheese - a great meal for a hungry horde.

This dish is mild/moderate, containing small quantities of both chilli and chipotle.

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Beef, tomato, onion, corn, red, kidney, bean, cheese, garlic, EV olive oil, chili, powder, cumin, coriander, chipotle, paprika, salt, pepper, wheat, tortillas (<02%, preservative, 202). CONTAINS: DAIRY, GLUTEN, SOY, NB: This, meal, does, not, contain, capsicum, but, does, contain, Paprika


Defrost in fridge Remove lid Place foil in pre-heayed 170c oven for 25 - 30 minutes. Serve with side salad and sour cream

Nutritional Information

Meal Type Meat
Dietary Requirements Capsicum Free, Nut Free
Weight (g) 1.1kg
Serves 4 - 6
Energy 370 cal (based on 4 serves)
Protein 27g
Fat 17g
Saturated fats 7g
Carbs 26g
Sugar 8g
Sodium 936mg
Dietary Fibre 5g