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Christmas Delivery Schedule

Hello and thank you for your interest in our Christmas menu!

Please do come back and visit this page when we get closer to the 2024 Christmas season. Annually we refresh our Christmas menu and provide accurate delivery information, usually by the start of November. We look forward to seeing you then! Any questions, please give us a call year round on 1300 131 070.


Please note this year we need your order in by TBC December 2024 to secure your delivery slot. We are currently finalising our Christmas delivery runs but rest assured that all areas will be serviced in the days leading right up to and including TBC December 2024. Pick ups are also available from some of our sites and we will provide details on this closer to Christmas.

From early November the delivery routes will be recorded in our system and you can use the postcode box to check what options you have for delivery to your area.

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