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No Added Gluten

Gluten Free Diet

Do you suffer from bloating and discomfort when you eat gluten? Perhaps you’ve heard all the negative press about gluten and have made the choice to avoid it for health reasons?

Whatever your motivation for reducing or eliminating gluten from your diet, we’re here to support you with a range of healthy, pre-made meals, meal plans and cleanses to suit you. See bottom of page for more information on our No Added Gluten options.

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More information about Dietlicious Cleanses, Meal Plans, and Meals with No Added Gluten

With a number of gluten-free eaters among our staff, we’ve gone out of our way to come up with some innovative and inspiring dishes in our kitchen!

With so many supermarket gluten free options containing preservatives and additives; our options are all natural, convenient and delicious. You can start enjoying your food once more with our meal delivery service of meals with No Added Gluten. *Note our kitchens also cook with ingredients that contain gluten.

Cleanses – Detox and kick-start your metabolism for a revitalising digestive boost.

Meal Plans - Take the stress out of planning your meals for the week.  Perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced and calorie counted. All you need to do is eat!

Meals - The freedom to choose what you want, when you want.  Great to have on standby in the fridge as a convenient 100% healthy meal when you lack the time or can’t be bothered cooking.