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A mix of vegetarian and seafood, our Pescetarian range is so good, you'll feel better for deciding to be Pescatarian.

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More information about the Dietlicious Pescatarian Meals

There are many ethical, environmental and health reasons for following a pescatarian diet. Here at Dietlicious we wholeheartedly believe in the many health benefits of plant-based eating with many vegetable based dishes appearing on our menu.  Likewise, we have a huge range of creative and delicious fish and seafood dishes to please.

We only buy local, Australian, sustainably sourced (farmed or wild caught) fish such as premium Huon Salmon and Ocean Trout from Tasmania, wild Barramundi from Far North Queensland, and Australian prawns.

Meals - The freedom to choose what you want, when you want.  Great to have on standby in the fridge as a convenient 100% healthy meal when you lack the time or can’t be bothered cooking.