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Environment, Recycling & Food Waste

We're doing our bit for the environment

Concerned about food delivery and environmental impact? Don't worry, we get it! Thankfully, we care about protecting the environment as much as we are about delivering you safe, healthy and tasty meals!

The Australian National Packaging Targets recommend that all packaging should be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Dietlicious is already ahead of schedule in meeting these targets!


You can help the environment too - here's how to dispose of packaging properly

Cardboard Boxes

In line with the 2025 National Packaging Targets, we have moved away from using polystyrene boxes and now we use cardboard boxes for our deliveries. Cardboard can be easily recycled via Council collection services.

Recycle the box: place it into your cardboard box in your recycling bin.

Gel Ice Packs

We use eco-friendly gel ice packs to keep your food cool, so it stays in great shape from our kitchen to yours. These ice packs are reusable many times over. If you don't wish to reuse, then you can dispose thoughtfully in the following way:

Contents of sachet: once thawed, snip the corner of the gel pack and empty the contents into your garden bed or pot plant soil. This will help keep your soil well hydrated for your plants.

Recycle the plastic cover: recycle the plastic cover in soft plastics recycling if you have it available in your area or dispose of in regular waste.

Plant-Based Food Containers

Our food trays are made from rapidly renewable plant sources and are compostable.

Compost the tray: you can place these in your council composting bin, or home compost. Alternatively, check with local community gardens or try ShareWaste or EarthBucket for composting near you. You can tear the tray into smaller pieces to speed up decomposition.

Foil Containers

Foil containers can be either recycled or saved for reuse.

Recycle the foil: Remove any food residue before placing the container in your recycling bin.

Clear Lids

Our clear plastic lids for containers are made from recyclable plastic, PET.

Recycle the lids: Remove any food residue and place in your plastics recycling bin.

Plastic Bags

We have discontinued single-use plastic bags for customer pick-ups and now use biodegradable plant plastic bags for our meal plans. 

Biodregradable plastic bags: These can go in the compost or in the general waste. They will break down quickly.


Reducing Food Waste

Our commercial kitchens create near zero food waste. We can do this because we production, cooking to set recipes and purchase exact ingredient quantities needed. Even better news is that frozen, portion packed meals mean less food waste at your place too! With frozen food you get a long shelf life so you don't have to worry about throwing away what you don't use within the week.