Consulting Dietitian to Dietlicious

Dr Joanna McMillan

Healthy Eating for the Time Poor

These days, with so many convenience meal choices to cater to the time-poor, it’s reasonable to question, ‘are we compromising the nutritional value for the sake of convenience?’  The answer is probably yes, but it needn’t be.

I choose Dietlicious over any other meal delivery service because I know that it’s the next best thing to my own home cooking.  Dietlicious meals are cooked from scratch by real chefs in a real kitchen, using top quality local, Australian ingredients.  Every meal provides nutritional balance that has been properly designed and there is absolutely nothing nasty added.  Meals are freshly prepared, then frozen, which ensures that all the nutrients are locked in.

The end result is delicious, restaurant quality meals, delivered to your door.  Because we all need a convenient option at times, but not all of us are willing to compromise our health!

I’m delighted to share this very special offer of $40 Off* on Dietlicious orders.  

Eat well and enjoy!

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*Minimum order $100. Excludes delivery. One coupon per order.