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Family + Kids by Gourmet Dinner Service

Now we can help feed the whole family!

Regardless of whether you’re watching your weight or not, you’ll love the convenience of having a family sized meal (to feed 4-6) or specific kids’ meals (for 3-12 year olds) on hand in your freezer. Have dinner on the table in minutes, with peace of mind that you’re not only meeting their nutritional needs but that the flavours will win them over too! Most importantly, we’ll save you a bundle of time and energy.

Please note: our Family and Kids Meals are made by our sister company, Gourmet Dinner Service. As with the rest of our menu, the meals are made from scratch using only real, wholefood ingredients and no additives or preservatives. While always wholesome, the Kids and Family Meals are not made with calorie levels or dieting in mind.

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