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Ultimate Health + Wellbeing

The Ultimate Health and Wellbeing Diet has arrived! Feel better, look better & get yourself on the pathway to ultimate health. Designed to provide optimal nourishment & help you rid your body of ultra processed foods, this plan offers:

   * A menu full of healthy, real, wholefood meals - nothing processed, no additives, no preservatives.
   * Flavour and ingredient diversity for optimal nutrition and improved gut health.
   * Low carbs, high protein, high fibre, low salt.

You’ll eat the larger, meatier meals for lunch and lighter meals (vegetarian, soups, salads) for dinner. Ensure you leave a 3-hour gap between dinner bed, to optimise digestion and extend your overnight fast. More info at bottom of page.

Click here to see the complete menu: The Ultimate Health + Wellbeing Menu

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The Ultimate Health + Wellbeing Diet contains:

  • • Mostly chicken, seafood and vegetarian meals with a little red meat.
  • • Low to moderate carbohydrates for those watching their weight and blood sugars.
  • • High protein for growth and repair, plus post-meal satisfaction.
  • • High fibre for improved gut health, cholesterol and body fat improvements.
  • • Low salt for improved blood pressure and heart health.
  • • An affordable 5-day diet of three ultra healthy meals a day.

All you need to do is add your own fresh berries and plain yoghurt for breakfast and a pack of fresh salad leaves to complete this ultra nutritious plan.