Christmas Desserts

NEW - Our Premium 2020 Christmas Menu from our sister company Gourmet Dinner Service!

Since 2000, we have created a Christmas menu every year, so we know what you want and what you need to put on a good spread!

Save room for dessert

Our Christmas desserts will save you a tonne of time and have your guests salivating. If you're watching your weight though, please enter this section with caution!! For the traditionalists among you, we offer fruit mince pies and Christmas pudding. Don’t forget to add a serve of Brandy sauce!

For Aussie Summer favourites, look no further than our range of tarts including Mango, Lemon, Raspberry + Almond, Salted Caramel or apple tarts. And don't worry, there’s plenty of Christmas desserts for the chocoholics too with decadent Chocolate Fondants, Mousse and Tiramisu. Moderation, as always is the key...

  • Chocolate fondants
    • 247 cal Calories
    • 6g Protein
    • 25g Carbs
    • 13g Fat
    Chocolate fondants Coriander Free Capsicum Free
  • Apple tartlet	- GF
    Apple tartlet - GF Gluten Free Vegetarian Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Lemon tarts - GF
    • 149cal Calories
    • 2g Protein
    • 13g Carbs
    • 10g Fat
    Lemon tarts - GF Gluten Free Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free