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Food Cleanse

Our healthy food cleanse options will detox, rebalance and revitalise your body and are an excellent way to kick-start your weight loss or healthy eating plans. Designed to give your digestive system a break from preservatives and additives, highly processed foods, wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat and sugar, this type of clean-eating will help you look and feel great! We offer a 3 day mini-cleanse, our most popular 5 day cleanses, and the longer 10 day cleanse if you want more substantial results.

Customers often start with a cleanse and then follow on with a meal plan option that provides slightly more calories per day, so is therefore more sustainable in the long term.  Our food cleanses can easily be repeated at any time, if you feel you’ve gotten off track with your health or want to ramp things up to achieve weight loss.

What’s included?

We allow you to swap out up to 3 meals in any one plan. Please reply to your confirmation email with the three meals you want to be swapped out and the three meals you would like instead and our customer service team will arrange.

You can place an order up until 7am on the day for delivery the same day, however, if you would like to make any changes to your order we require a 24 hour notice to ensure we can action your request. If you are ordering for a Monday delivery and require swaps we suggest you email your swaps by 4pm Friday.

If you want to swap out more than 3 meals or choose your own meals then we suggest you use the

What’s different about Dietlicious cleanses?

We’re not about starving you and we don’t agree with restricting you to just juices or fruit and veg.  Those types of extreme detox diets tend to backfire as they lack nutrients the body needs and they leave you so hungry it’s virtually impossible to stick to them.  Some can also trigger low blood sugar, headaches and fatigue. Our objective with healthy food cleanses is to rid the body of additives, preservatives and highly processed foods.  We use only top quality wholefoods and ensure we leave out any ingredients that can burden your digestive system.

Whilst our cleanses are safe for just about anybody, you should always seek advice from your health professional first, especially if you have any specific health concerns.  Due to the calorie restriction associated with these cleanses, they are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.