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What’s the best plan for me?

What’s the best plan for me?

Not sure which plan is best for you? We know that healthy eating, weight loss and weight management is a personal thing, so at Dietlicious we have something for everyone, especially when you are thinking ‘what’s the best nutrition plan for me?’

Our restaurant-quality meals, meal plans and cleanses have been jointly created by nutritionists and chefs for you to enjoy at home.  You get the tastiest meals that tick the nutritional boxes and will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day.  Managing your weight could not be easier!

To help you select what’s right for you, here’s a snapshot of our top plans:

Body Reset with Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Food Cleanse 3, 5, or 10 Day

1200 Calorie Plan

Build Your Own Calorie Plans

5.2 Diet Plans

Individual Meals

5 Day Lunch + Dinner Packs

Body Reset with Zoe Bingley-Pullin

What is it: This program has been designed with our expert Nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, to provide a holistic 4 week health and wellness reset.  It offers sensible, hands-on information on a broad range of topics such as nutrition and healthy eating, recipes, gut health, exercise, mood and mental wellbeing.  It’s for those who want to learn better, healthier habits but want a program that offers it in bite-sized pieces so it’s not overwhelming. On this program you can eat your own food or do it alongside one of our Weekly Meal Plans.

Hard bit: The only hard part might be making the decision to dive in and embrace the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes! 

Best bit: It's easy, flexible and really practical. Includes nutrition know-how, cooking demonstrations, exercise videos with Zoe Bingley-Pullin, plus Zoe's guided meditation recordings to support mood and stress management. Also included are weekly challenges to keep you on track with implementing changes. Get motivated to reset old unhealthy habits for new healthier habits so you can look better, feel better and feel happier too!

Best for: Those who want a complete reset of their eating and health habits, as well as exercise inspo and an improved outlook.  This program takes you on a 4 week journey to reset your health.

Food Cleanse 3, 5, or 10 day

What is it: Our healthy food cleanses are designed to detox, rebalance and revitalise your body by giving your digestive system a break from preservatives and additives, highly processed foods, wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat and sugar. You receive 3 clean-eating meals plus snacks and herbal teas, totalling 1000 calories per day. More info on maximising results on a cleanse here.

Hard bit: No caffeine could be a problem for some.

Best bit: Your skin glows after 5 days and your energy levels will soar.

Best for: Those who want a quick fix, noticeable results and to re-set their eating habits. A perfect kick-start to dieting, many people then follow on with a 1200 calorie plan.

1200 calorie plan

What is it: Our 1200 calorie plan is our most popular weight loss meal plan for women.  Like all our plans, we’ve already done the nutrition part and calorie counting for you which makes losing weight effortless.  The plan includes breakfast, lunch dinner and a snack each day. Options include 5 or 7 days, vegetarian, gluten free and more.  We also offer 1500 and 1800 calorie plans.

Hard bit: Seeing how much you should be eating. And realising your portions have been too big!

Best bit: You don’t feel like you’re on a diet. Real food, real results.

Best for: Those who don’t want to think about planning their meals or counting calories. 

Build Your Own Calorie Plans

What is it: The BYO plan feature was designed for those who want complete control of their own healthy eating plan.  It’s perfect if you have specific dietary needs or preferences.  You’re in the driving seat as you select your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (or omit any if you prefer).  The clever tool will tally up the calories and macronutrients of your selections for you.

Hard bit: You need a little more time on your hands to make each meal selection.

Best bit: You get to order everything you like, rather than a set plan. Once set up, you can easily re-order the same menu again and again.

Best for: People who want more flexibility and choice.

5.2 Diet Plan

What is it: The 5.2 diet plan relies on intermittent fasting on two non-consecutive days – this is achieved by skipping breakfast on those days.  The rest of the time you eat healthy meals without counting calories. Our plans provide just lunch and dinner on fasting days.  On the other days we give you breakfast, lunch and dinner plus you can add your own snack if you want to (within reason)! For more information, read our blog post on the 5:2 diet by Dr Joanna McMillan.

Hard bit: If you’re not used to missing meals, initially you’ll be hungry on the fast days. Drink plenty of water and get busy doing something you enjoy.

Best bit: The other five days you can add in your treats so no deprivation!  You’ll also be surprised how quickly your body adapts to fasting once you’re in the routine.

Best for: Those who want to lose weight but have the added health benefits that come with fasting, such as improvements to gut-health, cholesterol and insulin sensitively. This diet also offers more flexibility and choice.

We also offer the Fast 800 diet plan for faster weight loss. Learn more about this diet here.

Individual Meals

What is it: A huge range of healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads and snacks. Simply order what you like and eat when needed.  You can use our dietary filters feature to select meals that are free from gluten, dairy, meat, coriander, capsicum and more.

Hard bit: None really, you just need to find 5 minutes to order and keep your freezer well stocked.

Best bit: Cheaper than take away and you know you’re getting high quality, calorie-controlled, nutritious meals without additives.

Best for: People who have no time to cook yet still want to eat healthy food or manage weight.

5 Day Lunch + Dinner Packs

What is it: Created for those who don’t have time to cook Monday to Friday and want the convenience of healthy meals for lunch and dinner. Add your own breakfast and snacks and still lose weight.

Hard bit: Just making the decision about which delicious 5-day pack you want each week! We have 13 options to choose from including high protein, vegetarian, best sellers, flat belly and more.

Best bit: 5 days of healthy eating means you can relax a little on the weekends.

Best for: No planning or shopping during the working week – what a time saver.


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