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5.2 Plans

The 5:2 diet meal plan is a way of eating that has recently become popular, thanks to the many reported health benefits of ‘intermittent fasting’. The way it works is that for two non-consecutive days per week you restrict calories and eat within a shorter window during the day – this is achieved by skipping breakfast on those two days. The rest of the week you eat a regular three meals and snacks.

The 5:2 diet can be used for weight loss and has the added health benefits that come with fasting – such as good gut-health, preventing overeating and potential improvements in cholesterol and insulin sensitively. Read more on the 5:2 diet.

3:2 Diet – Our shorter version of the 5:2 diet, but only the weekday meals.

Fast Days – Are just the fasting day meals of the 5:2 diet and you organise the meals for the other days.


Your best chance of success

5:2 dieters tend to flourish when overall nutrition is optimised. When you’re eating wholesome and healthy food, your body is getting the macro and micro nutrients it needs, which makes it that much easier to skip the occasional breakfast without feeling hungry or fatigued. Therefore, for the greatest chance of success with fasting, we recommend trying a Healthy Food Cleanse or another of our Meal Plans before commencing on the 5:2 diet meal plan.