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Weight Loss

One size doesn’t fit all, so if you’re looking to lose weight the delicious way, Dietlicious can help. We offer a huge range of nutritious, high protein, gourmet weight loss meals delivered to your door. You’ll see the results without feeling deprived. Order a weekly package or just the individual meals you need, the flexibility is yours.

If you're carefully managing your calories or macronutrients, our website makes it easy for you - macros listed under every meal + full nutrition info contained on each product page. You can even filter the menu by meal type and sort by calorie levels too. See bottom of page for more information.

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More information about the Dietlicious Weight Loss Plans

Food Cleanses – Detox and kick-start your metabolism for optimal weight loss.

Meal Plans - Take the stress out of weight loss.  Perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced and calorie counted. All you need to do is eat!

Individual Meals - The freedom to choose what you want, when you want.  Great to have on standby in the fridge as a convenient 100% healthy meal when you lack the time or can’t be bothered cooking.