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High Protein

Can high protein help you lose weight, gain muscle and burn more fat?

High protein diets are gaining in popularity and these days they’re not just for athletes or body builders. Many people are experiencing benefits such as weight loss, increased fat burning, muscle development and reduced hunger from an increased intake of protein. See bottom of page for more information.

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More information about the Dietlicious High Protein Diet

High protein foods are highly popular these days, which is why we have so many tasty high protein meals for you to choose from. Advocates of a high protein diet tend to argue benefits such as losing weight, burning fat, building muscles and reducing appetite.

Even the CSIRO’s Total Wellbeing Diet and their newest iteration, the Healthy Gut Diet has a strong focus on high protein.  That’s because their research shows that eating a high protein, low GI diet is effective for losing body fat and keeping the weight off long term.  The reason is that when you feel satisfied from eating protein, you’re less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks which add unnecessary calories and can derail an otherwise good diet.

Check out our blog post, Protein 101: Everything you need to know about high protein foods.

We’ve grouped all our high protein meal plans and individual meals in one place so you can easily search them.

High Protein Meal Plans – Take the stress out of planning your meals for the week.  Perfectly portioned, nutritionally balanced and calorie. All you need to do is eat!

Healthy High Protein Meals - The freedom to choose what you want, when you want.  Great to have on standby in the fridge as a convenient 100% healthy meal when you lack the time or can’t be bothered cooking.