High Protein Meal Plans

If you’re looking for an easier way to lose or maintain a healthy weight while keeping your protein up, then look no further than our high protein diet meal plans. With these meal plans, we’ve already done the nutritional thinking and calorie counting for you.  The result is an effortless full week, high protein menu that’s easy to stick to. Our success rate on meal plans comes down to premium quality, only 100% real ingredients, passion in the kitchen and the higher protein content of our meals.

Receive a week’s worth of food at a time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) with our high protein diet meal plans.  We have different calorie levels to suit your goals and activity levels, so getting started has never been easier.

Our high protein meal plans incorporate an average of 70g of protein per day for lunch and dinner only.  You add your own breakfast and snacks to make up the total protein amount you are targeting.