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Softer Foods

Here's a collection of all our softer foods that may be suitable for those people that have issues with chewing or swallowing. Also for those without the strength or ability to cut harder foods with a knife. See more info at bottom of page.
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A soft food diet is not a liquid or puree diet. The foods do have texture but have been prepared and cooked in a way to make them softer. This can involve chopped, ground or mashed components, or foods that break apart easily without the use a knife, such as slow cooked or minced meats. Softer foods tend to be tender and moist for easy swallowing.

Many elderly or less able people move onto eating softer foods to overcome eating issues and still maintain their nutrition and calorie intake. The key is to ensure that the soft foods you eat will deliver the maximum amount of nutrients in each serving.

Note that not all meals listed on this page will suit all soft foods eaters - please review and make your own assessment before ordering.