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Fast. But without the hunger.

Fasting can make you go very hungry, making time pass slow. But we believe fasting shouldn't feel like a punishment. View our meal plans below that work best with intermittent fasting so that you can achieve your weight loss goals faster and healthier.

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More information about Dietlicious Fasting Diets

Intermittent fasting has become quite a buzz word for dieters since Dr Michael Mosley made it popular in his 5:2 diet. More recently Mosley has launched is new Fast 800 diet for even quicker results and intermittent fasting is still a key element of that diet. So what is it?

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating whereby you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.  Most of us already fast every night (while we sleep) but with intermittent fasting you may extend the fast by missing breakfast or dinner, or just eating during a specific time window during the day.  A intermittent fasting diet has been shown to switch the body into fat burning mode and improve a number of cardiovascular and metabolic health markers such as blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity.

Dietlicious offers a range of fasting diet plans:

-        The Fast 800 Diet plan: For losing a larger amount of weight before the 5:2 Diet.

-        5:2 Diet: Dr Mosely Diet of intermediate fasting on 2 of 7 days

For more information please refer to our blog posts Is the 5:2 diet worth trying? and The New Fast 800 Calorie Diet from Michael Mosley.