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Satisfy your mid-day hunger with our healthy lunches delivered to home. These high protein meals with healthy carbs are perfectly portioned for weight loss or for everyday healthy eating.

Now there’s no excuse for getting off track with your diet. Live it up at home with our restaurant-quality meals or grab one from your freezer each morning before you head out the door. When it’s time for lunch, simply heat and serve. Eating a nutritious lunch has never been so easy! 

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  • Carrot + ginger soup
    • 137 cal Calories
    • 4g Protein
    • 20g Carbs
    • 2g Fat
    Carrot + ginger soup Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegetarian Vegan Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Vege lasagna
    • 286 cal Calories
    • 11g Protein
    • 30g Carbs
    • 13g Fat
    Vege lasagna Vegetarian Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Spinach filo
    • 328 cal Calories
    • 17g Protein
    • 17g Carbs
    • 20g Fat
    Spinach filo Vegetarian Coriander Free Capsicum Free Nut Free
  • Roasted stuffed capsicum
    • 253 cal Calories
    • 11g Protein
    • 37g Carbs
    • 6g Fat
    Roasted stuffed capsicum Gluten Free Vegetarian Coriander Free Nut Free