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NDIS Total Nutrition Support - FAQs

Q. Why has Dietlicious teamed up with dietitian, Mike O'Sullivan?

We believe that everybody with a disability should have access to the best clinical nutrition care and meals for food security, health and nourishment. Our partnership enables NDIS participants to access an experienced disability dietitian for total nutrition support, at any time through the Elerio App. Mike is a senior clinical dietitian who has helped hundreds of NDIS clients improve their health and wellbeing.

Dietlicious is an expert in providing high quality healthy meals and has been helping NDIS clients eat well for many years. NDIS meal packages are available through Dietlicious.

Q. How do I find out if I (the NDIS participant) or my client would benefit from dietitian support or prepared meals?

If you or your client struggles with health issues such as diabetes, weight management, strength, gut health, cholesterol or even managing to buy healthy food with cost of living pressures, chances are that a dietitian can help. Fill out our no-obligation Total Nutrition Support short referral form here (it only takes 1 minute). Mike will call you within 48 hours for an itinial chat to discuss how he may be able to help you or your client with tailored dietitian consultations, a meal package or both.


Q. What health concerns can dietitians help with?

what health concerns can dietitians help with?

Q. Does NDIS funding cover the costs of dietitian support or prepared meals?

This depends on what inclusions and specific items codes you have on your NDIS plan. For eligible participants, dietitian consultations and support via the Elerio app is 100% funded by the NDIS.

Home delivery of prepared meals is often generously funded (up to 80% + delivery costs) for NDIS clients that find shopping, cooking or preparing meals challenging. Check if your NDIS package includes the following item codes for eligibility:

Dietitian care:




Prepared meals:


Q. What if my NDIS package does NOT cover dietitian support or prepared meals?

Even if you’re not covered under the NDIS for dietitian or meal delivery services, but feel you would benefit from one or both of these; fill out the referral form here and let's talk! We may be able to help you with access to these services.

Q. What can I expect from dietitian support with Mike O'Sullivan through the Elerio App?

  • Australia-wide access
  • Flexibility around appointment times
  • Telehealth consultation, advice & support (saving travel time and costs)
  • Personalised meal planning
  • Recipes and shopping list
  • Recommendations for prepared meals from Dietlicious
  • Messaging support Monday - Friday

Q. What services are available via the Elerio app?

The innovative Elerio App enables you to select a practitioner; make bookings for Telehealth consultations between the NDIS participant and a qualified dietitian via mobile or desktop. It also delivers dietary advice and planning information that’s tailored to the individual’s dietary and ability needs; plus you can privately message your dietitian with follow up questions.

Q. How is my personal information managed?

Your information is shared with Mike O'Sullivan and Elerio for the purposes of contacting you and checking funding eligibility for nutrition support and/or prepared meals.

Your personal information is handled according to our privacy policies, which are available here. Dietlicious privacy policy and Elerio privacy policy.

Q. Who should I contact if I have further questions?

We are happy to answer any of your questions! You can call Dietlicious on 1300 131 070 or email [email protected]. Alternatively email the team at Elerio including Mike O'Sullivan on [email protected]. Please include reference to NDIS Total Nutrition Support so we can direct your enquiry to the right person.