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The Healthy Man

Our men’s healthy meal plans are designed to help you achieve your health, weight loss and fitness goals. If it’s bodybuilding meals for muscle growth, high protein meals to prevent hunger, or wholesome meals to improve health, we’ve got you covered.

One thing is for sure, whatever plan you choose, you’ll be getting a great tasting menu that saves you buckets of time. That means more time for you - in the gym, at work or spending with family and friends.

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More about The Healthy Man plan options

Choose between having us home deliver an entire week's menu of healthy, high protein meals or just replace one or two meals a day with our super tasty and nutritious options.

Men's Steady Weight Loss Plan - there’s absolutely nothing for you to do, besides enjoy the food and gradually lose weight! Breafast, lunch x 2, dinner, and a snack are all provided. High protein meals mean you'll lose weight without the hunger. 5 and 7 day options.

1500 Calorie Plan - less calories means faster weight loss for men. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks a day provided with plenty of protein. 5 and 7 day options.

High Protein - This is a 5 day Lunch + Dinner Pack (10 meals provided) with a focus on high protein and low carbs to help maintain muscle and combat hunger.

The Healthy Man's Lunch Box - This pack will keep your goals on track from Monday to Friday with a hearty, high protein men's lunch plus a healthy snack provided for 5 days.

If you can’t find what you want among these plans, try our Build Your Own Plan feature to create a personalised daily menu with macros calculated for you.