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Brandy Sauce - Fresh - Serves 8
  • 349 Calories
  • 0g Protein
  • 30g Carbs
  • 25g Fat

Brandy Sauce - Fresh - Serves 8

Freshly made traditional brandy sauce with 37% proof French Brandy to serve with your pudding. For those who can not wait for Christmas, serve on ice cream with fresh seasonal peaches. Yum!

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Cream, brown sugar, butter, brandy



Heat gently on stove or microwave to warm through

Nutritional Information

Meal Type Vegetarian
Dietary Requirements Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Nut Free
Weight (g) 550
Serves 8
Energy 349 cal
Protein 0g
Fat 25g
Saturated fats 16g
Carbs 30g
Sugar 30g
Sodium 131mg
Dietary Fibre 0g