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Dairy free meal delivery

Are you looking for dairy free meals delivered to your home? Dietlicious can help.

Whether you’re avoiding dairy products because you have a dairy allergy or food intolerance or if you just don’t like the taste of dairy in foods, it doesn’t matter. We have a wide range of healthy, dairy free ready made meals that we can deliver to your door.

Every meal on the Dietlicious website comes with extensive nutritional information and ingredient list that you can review in detail if you’re that way inclined. If you don’t have time but still want dairy free delivery services, read on.

How to easily find dairy free ready made meals on our website

If you want the quick way to discover the meals that contain no added dairy only, please open out our Filter Meals feature and tick the No Added Dairy box. This will remove from view any meals with dairy so you’re just left with the meals that are dairy free. You can use this filtering feature on any of our menu pages. See the image below for where to find it.


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If you have other dietary preferences, such as you’re looking for both gluten and dairy free meal delivery then you can use the same filters to select both.

Popular dairy free meals delivered

Here are some of our best selling meals with no added dairy, we are sure you’ll love them like our other customers do!

Tex Mex Chicken

Chicken + Lentil Curry w Basmati Rice

Chicken w Preserved Lemon + Turmeric Zucchini

Thai Red Curry w Salmon Sweet Potato + Greens

Spinach Chana Dhal w Rice

Piri Piri Chicken w Roasted Capsicum Salad


What’s the difference between Dairy Free and No Added Dairy?

Due to food safety guidelines, we must label all our Dairy Free foods as No Added Dairy. That’s because our kitchens also handle ingredients that do contain dairy so there is always a possible risk of cross contamination. We can assure you that we have strict food handling and hygiene practices and are HACCP accredited, so we know how to handle allergen ingredients safely.

All your dairy free meal delivery services taken care of!

In summary, if you’re after gluten and dairy free ready made meals or food that meets other dietary preferences, we have many options that may suit you. Please do navigate to any of our menu pages and then use the Filter Meals functionality that sits to the far right hand side, above the menu options. Open this out and you’ll be able to filter the menu range by any of the preferences listed. For example, you can find gluten and dairy free meal delivery as well as vegetarian, coriander free, capsicum free, contains nuts. You can also narrow down your selections based on type of meat or no meat.