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Lose weight via intermittent fasting

Dietlicious has partnered with SuperFastDiet to make it super easy to stick to your fast day calorie allowance ~ with meals and snacks delivered to your door! Click on your preferred fasting method to choose your delicious, filling menu now.


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What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is the globally popular method of weight loss, often referred to as 5 day regular eating and 2 days fasting, the 3-Day Diet or 16:8, that works like a ‘part-time diet’. It is based on the fast/feast model of eating, or ‘eat-stop-eat’ whereby you can eat pretty much whatever you like on non-fast days/times and simply restrict your calories on fasting days/times.

All three methods outlined here are equally effective. Participants can choose from a range of methods to suit their lifestyle and have their fasting day foods and snacks delivered to their door. Too easy!

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