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Low Carb

These days many people have a preference for low carb eating. Could be you're looking to lose weight, want to reduce bloating, need to manage blood sugar levels or you just feel better eating a low carb diet.

What is low carb eating?

While there is no medical definition, a low carb diet is typically thought of as an intake of less than 150g of carbs per day. Some experts suggest a cap of closer to 130g of carbs per day. A normal Western diet would include roughly 250g carbs, so either way it represents a significant reduction in daily intake of carbohydrate.

How Dietlicious can help if you're on a low carb diet

Eating low carb is so easy to achieve with Dietlicious healthy low carb meals. All our meals have macronutrients calculated so adding up your daily carbs is a breeze. Below we have grouped together all our lower carb meals (with less than 40g carbs per serve) and our low carb meal plans (with less than 150g carbs per day).

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Cutting carbs is considered one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight. Studies show that individuals eating a low carb diet lose more weight, at a faster pace than those eating a diet higher in carbohydrates. The theory behind a low-carb diet is that by restricting the carbs you eat you trigger the body to burn fat. Low carb diets tend to be much higher in protein than low fat diets. Protein can help you feel fuller for longer, thereby reducing appetite, as well as helping to boost metabolism.

Reducing carb intake also improves glycaemic (blood sugar) control. That's why most diabetic and prediabetic people or those with metabolic syndrome will be advised to watch their carb intake carefully. They particularly need to be mindful of high glycaemic index (GI) carbs, which are those that convert quickly to sugar in the body and can cause blood sugar spikes - such as sweets, cakes, and processed fodos. All meals on the Dietlicious menu are made from scratch using wholefood ingredients, and will contain healthy, complex carbs that are lower in GI.

For information about keto meals and meal plans (very low carb eating), see our keto page here.