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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Women Over 40

This anti-inflammatory weight loss diet specifically targets a range of issues that plague women over the age of 40 as they enter peri menopause and menopause. It’s designed to help you lose belly fat, enhance your sleep and energy levels, improve your mood + combat ageing. More info on this plan at bottom of page. Also refer to blog Top tips to avoid menopause weight gain.

Click here to see the complete 4-week menu*: The Over 40s Weight Loss Diet Menu

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Developed by our chefs and dieticians, you can eat real food and expect real results. From individuals meals to calorie plans and cleanse programs, there is something to suit everyone.


Today there are around 100 players in the ready-meal market but as they say ‘The Cream Rises to the Top’ and that’s where we sit for these simple reasons:


  • Trusted company – We’ve been around since the beginning and what we promise, we deliver.

  • Taste – Our food really is in a class of its own. Our passionate chefs know how to combine ingredients and create flavour; cooking great-tasting meals which still allow you to reach your goals.

  • Health – We only use top quality, real food when we cook. And because we freeze the majority of meals, there are no nasty additives. After all, freezing is nature’s preservative.

  • Value – We are certainly not the cheapest on the block but here’s another saying ‘You pay for what you get’ and what we offer is quality, chef-made meals that are big on protein, flavour and nutrition, plus the convenience of on-time doorstep deliveries.


So, with all that said, we invite you to compare our meals with other meal delivery services. There is simply no comparison! Our ingredients, preparation and flavours are better and we stand by that. It’s a question of love, from our kitchen to yours.


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