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stage 2

A less strict approach. Or start here if you don’t have much weight to lose.

We know you’ve been strict with yourself and now you may be looking for a less rigorous approach to weight loss. Or perhaps you haven’t got a lot of weight to lose and you’re happy to do it in a relaxed and easy way.

Our menus provide a wide variety of wholesome, portion controlled meals to ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function optimally. And you’ll continue lose weight at a steady pace.

stage 2

Choose from our 1200 Calorie PlanFit + Fab After 40 Diet Plan or Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan which offer enough calories that most people don't find them too challenging to stick with. You can also Build Your Own Plan if you want a customised plan and you know the macros you’re targeting. If you’re wanting more flexibility, supplement your daily menu with our healthy options including the Lunch + Dinner Packs,  Healthy Man’s Lunch Box or Individual Meals - as these options are a mix of our food and yours, be mindful of what you eat to continue to lose weight.

stage 2

Being safe and steady means you can stay on stage 2 for the long term or as long as it takes to achieve your goals.


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